I'm enrolled in unlimited long distance call with simple mobile ( it's an option you can add to your cell phone plan with 10$ an month),this feature stopped working so I tried to contact them. It took me more than 1 hour to be able to talk to a person after many failed attempt.When I reached this person and explained to her my issue, she transferred my call to another department.I stayed in hold for 45 minutes and I got tired and hung up.I paid 10$ but they never provided with a service or at least an explanation.So, I am really pissed and i will be changing them very soon.

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Monetary Loss: $10.

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Houston, Texas, United States #694070

I have the same problem too! Never resolved unfortunately.

Seattle, Washington, United States #651051

Recently I had an issue with my data on Simple Mobile and called their 'new' customer service help center (also Trac Fone help center) and requested assistance. One of the biggest drawbacks in getting any support, in addition to the 40 minute wait time, is the fact that a simple Mobile customer is required to call the Help Center from another phone! Not only this wastes precious time from our busy schedule but very frustrating to say the very least! Through my experiences with Simple Mobile today, I have figured out a *** to get what you need done. But it will take a bit of prep work from you. Here is what you need to get support without a separate phone:

1. Prep Work: Have your SIM card number handy. They may ask you for this info. I lost 50 minutes on the phone only to realize that they need my SIM card for some reason. All you need to do before calling is to turn your phone off and take out your SIM card and write the number down. Then reinsert the SIM card and turn your phone on. Keep a pen and paper handy at all times. Be prepared to write down each step, including turning off and on your phone. It's okay to ask them to repeat the process if you are lost.

2. Block your caller ID. In your phone settings, make sure you turn on your 'Hide your caller ID' function. This will make them think that you are using another phone to call them. This will save you a ton of time after the 40 minute wait to get connected to Tech Support.

3. Your first call to the gate keeper. call 611 and go through the auto prompts. After waiting for 2-3 minutes, a Rep will ask for your Simple Mobile number. They will then tell you what they could do for you and you kindly say: "I called earlier and was disconnected. would you please connect me to technical Support?" They will ask you to hold.

4. I would put the phone on speaker or have a hands-free headset on and get ready to listen to the worst version of Pandora ever. At this point I would do something around the house or something that will pass your time. It's useless to believe the voice that reminds you that a Rep will be with you shortly.

5. The Call. Once you finally hear a voice, they will ask you for your Mobile number - AGAIN! Be cool. When they ask what they can help you with, tell them your issue. Make sure you mention the phone model and OS (iphone, droid, blackberry, etc.) so they could gather the proper info. They will ask if you are calling from another phone. SAY YES! or say I'm not calling from the Simple Mobile phone. At one point they will ask for you to open a web browser for an error. Tell them - it says "You are not connected to the internet." If they ask you to read exactly what it says, just say the same thing.

Normally they will ask you how many bars your phone currently has and battery status. Then they'll ask you to turn off your phone. Tell them that you are following directions and do nothing. Wait for about a 30-40 seconds before telling them your phone is off.

They MAY ask you to take out your sim card and read to them your sim number. Take your time and then read out the number. Then they will instruct you to reinsert the SIM card and turn your phone on. I would wait 30-40 seconds before announcing that all is on and ready to go.

They will ask if your data is back on. Say 'NO'. This will get them moving with some technical stuff. Get your pen and paper ready. Follow directions and TAKE YOUR TIME. They just stole almost an hour of your life and they are PAID to wait. This is where the hands-free comes in handy (LOL). Make sure you are careful with those buttons and try not to hang them up while you are following directions.

Finally they will try to test things out. Pretend to turn off and on the phone as before. Then tell them nothing happened.

They will again ask you to connect to a browser, tell them the same as before.

This is the key moment! They will put you on hold again to contact a 'Developer' to 'RESET' your phone. At this point you will have to revisit Pandora of ***. But this will reset your account to working order. The only way you'll find out is when they take you out of hold and before they say anything you'll be disconnected. This is a good thing, because the phone Gods are merciful.

They may call you back with an 1-800 number. you could answer it if you wish. That part is clearly up to you.

I hope this help! I know it's a pain in the ***, but I went through 5 attempts and I wrote down all the steps through trial and error. My pain is your gain!

Good luck!

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