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If you go to SImple Mobile website you can found a blinking ad about new amount of 4G-speed data for 3 plans: $40, $50 and $60 But do NOT trust!

In reality it is not true!!!

Last month I had $40 plan and decided to try more 4g data speed because of the ad (it says 5 Gb at 4G speed). So I paid $60 and at my Account page I have found 4 Gb 4G-speed mention only.

Than I wrote a message to SM Support but they adviced to call them. Well, I have called and their support said that these 4G speed amount of data WAS available in AUGUST only! And it does NOT work for September!

The same problem I have with my wife SM number. She had $40 plan with 500 Mb of 4G speed data but SM ad is confirming we will have 1 Gb for the same $40. So I reuped $40 again to use this new amount of 4G speed but... Surprise again! It worked till September - the Support says. And at her Account info we see only 500 Mb :(

Ok guys, if your promo now is not valid you have to remove it from your website or it is a SCAM! You are scamming customers right now!

My family has lost $100 because of your scam!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #734426

I just started searching for simple mobile data time outs and found this page. I also have the $60 5gb plan and have used just over 4gb for the month. I too "upgraded" from the $40 plan to get more bandwidth. I'm sure everyone on Simple mobile knows, but I'll type it for others who are considering getting service with them.. once your "4g bandwidth allotment" is used up, the internet service becomes 99% dead. You can't do much of anything with it. If you want to burn up all your battery life sitting there pressing the button to reload the website, eventually you might get some 28.8-56k modem speed for a short period of time before it times out and fails again. Any browsing results in either Webpage not available or The connection to the server has been lost. Reload, reload, reload x10 and hope for service. I went to the store where I bought the phone (less than a month ago) and they played around with it, but they couldn't offer any solution or answers other than to call simple mobile.

Thank you for pointing out that the 5GB service is really only 4GB. This makes sense now, I ran out of "4g bandwidth" so the internet went back to extra throttled useless mode.

I wish these guys would give you service still once the bandwidth limit is hit. Just throttle it back to a reliable 50KB/s, heck even 10KB/s and it would still be useable for basic needs. As it stands, the "unlimited data" service claim is false as far as I am concerned. When the 4g runs out it's game over. All in all, I probably spend an equal amount of time futzing with the phone, pressing reload, and rebooting it (to get service) as I do actually using the internet service.


To be fair to simple there are some good comments I can leave.

The telephone service works good for me and it's cheap. When the 4g service is working, I get anywhere from 5-250KB/s as normal performance. It's a total *** shoot as far as what speed you will actually get or if it will work. On one rare morning (5AM) I saw it peak at 1MB/s and hold 750KB/s until the file was downloaded. :eek Other than that one time, 250KB/s was the best it could do.

Off to Verizon for data.

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