I'm very very very very disappointed with the service I have received with Simple Mobile. I was very excited too be switching to a new cell carrier and figured it would be great to save few bucks in the process.I called Simple Mobile on 2/28/13 to activate my phone and start the process too have my cellular number ported from my current carrier.

I purchased a $40 air time pin card for the activation process as I was instructed. After talking to the customer service rep for a few minutes the process too become a new Simple Mobile customer had begun. The customer service rep took my pin card number, my phone IMEI number and also the info of my current cellular service. I clearly told the rep I wanted to keep my current number and port it over to Simple Mobile.

The rep informed me it will take any where from 4 to 48 hours to complete the porting process. The rep also instructed me to keep my cell phone on as I should be receiving as text message as confirmation that my number was ported successfully. Five minutes after I got off the phone with the rep I received a text message from Simple Mobile welcoming me to the network alone with my new cellular number. I clearly told the rep I wanted to port my current number and I even provided all the info need from my current cellular carrier.

So why was I issued a new number? I call Simple Mobile back immediately and inform them of the error. I stayed on the phone with a new rep for over an hour. At the completion of the call the rep issued me 2 ticket numbers.

He inform me that someone from Simple Mobile would be calling me in the next 24 hrs and the error would be corrected immediately. Well its been over 24hrs and no one has call me. Really Simple Mobile? How can u lose a new customer before you even get one.

CAN someone from Simple Mobile handle this issue quickly and professionally.

If not I would like a $40 refund and I will stay with my current carrier. It doesn't seem like the money I will be saving is worth all the hassle.

Review about: Simple Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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